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From September 13th – 15th our Project Developer and SmartPort Embassador for Smart Energy, Natalya Rijk & Ruud Melieste, will join the Dutch Innovation mission to North Rhein Westfalia.

Solutions for energy transition
In our future energy system, renewable electricity will play a vital role in the transition to a more sustainable energy system. At the same time there is an increased need for more sustainable and CO2 neutral materials. This transition, facilitated by the CO2 targets that have been set by European and Dutch governments (CO2 neutral in 2050), will lead to an increased electrification of society. However, the demand for fuels (for air transport, shipping and heavy road transport) and chemical products and materials will remain. These activities and associated production processes are now responsible for 35% of worldwide CO2 emissions, so it will be a huge challenge to produce these fuels and chemical products using renewable electricity, CO2 and biomass. Industrial electrification and Power-2-X technology will be part of the solution to this problem.

International collaboration
Dutch academics, research institutes and companies are working together on innovations that contribute to development and implementation of innovations where energy, chemical and material solutions are combined into new products, processes and services. Under leadership of the Dutch Topsectors Chemistry, Energy and High-Tech Systems collaboration is facilitated leading to more focused development in this field. Furthermore, international collaboration is sought with leading countries to further accelerate science & technology implementation.

Significant contribution
One of these leading countries, together with The Netherlands, is Germany. From September 13th – 15th the Dutch mission to North Rhein Westfalia aims to look further into opportunities for collaboration which should build on the existing initiatives, programmes and projects. But also identification of new collaborations, activities and perspectives are part of the aim. We look forward to entering into discussions with both existing and new German parties who are interested in exploring the possibilities of expanding a lasting collaboration in the area of knowledge and innovation related to Electrification and Power-2-X in the Dutch and German chemical, energy and high-tech sectors. In that way we can both make a signification contribution towards solving the grand societal challenges and regards to the energy and sustainability transitions.

For more information please contact Natalya Rijk – / tel. 010-4020346