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Although the current activities of SmartPort are planned to end on 31st December 2019, it could well be that scientific activities will be continued beyond that date. That will be decided on base results and the consequences of choices for businesses.

As it is, SmartPort is firmly grounded in the port community and can rely on appreciation of its attempt to create impact in the port, together with innovative stakeholders. SmartPort launched SmartPort Evaluation to establish whether there was support for its approach to making the port of Rotterdam smarter and more innovative. As it happens, the community rewarded the institution with the score 8 out of 10.

The survey SmartPort Evaluation was taken seriously: 60 respondents completed the query form: 55% of that amount were businesses, 27% universities and 18% governmental bodies, branch – or sector organisations.

When asked, SmartPort received a score from 46 respondents. They gave an average score of 8;  9% o them even a score of 9 out of ten, 9.46%  the score 8 and 35% the score 7.