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On October 13th the Ports of Osaka & Kobe will celebrate their 150th Anniversary. The Port of Osaka has been partly designed by the Dutchman Johannis de Rijke and Kobe is a sister port of the Port of Rotterdam.

SmartPort will join the Municipality of Rotterdam, Port of Rotterdam & Port XL at the Maritime Seminar in Tokio, organised for this occasion. SmartPort will be presented by Michiel Jak and he will share the ideas about innovative and collaborative research. The Ports of Osaka & Kobe are interested in the progress SmartPort has made these years and are inspired by the way collaboration is stimulated at the Port of Rotterdam.
SmartPort is convinced that international cooperation will stimulate knowledge development and broaden our scientific network.

For more information: Joan van Winsen, tel. 0031 (0)10 4020338