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Programmatic approach with tangible result

Roadmaps are an effective means to organise knowledge alliances of businesses, researchers and authorities. The roadmaps clearly map the parties and projects required to achieve specific targets. They connect long-term targets with short-term tangible results. You can strengthen a roadmap through your input and through identifying areas that require research. By doing this, you will contribute to achieving these targets, as well. Study questions will be judged on base relevance and their cross-company interests.

The Five Roadmaps
The roadmaps are linked with the five challenges SmartPort has in focus. They are named likewise. They are:


Future Proof Port Infrastructure

Using this roadmap, we will achieve the highest value added to the port area, through joined smart use of the maritime infrastructure and waterways. Together, trade and industry in de port and the Port of Rotterdam Authority can prove that they are trendsetters in the field of port construction and port development, and reduce nuisance to the minimum to nature, the environment, people and business during the process of construction.


Smart Energy

This roadmap focuses on two sub-targets. One is materialising an optimal sustainable (petrochemical) cluster and the other is the transition onto a bio based and circular economy. The primary goal includes development of an integrated cluster through creating a cross-company infrastructure. Utility networks are planned to exchange energy and flows of materials to the maximum, within this cluster and through co-siting. Besides this, sustainable energy is optimally incorporated within the cluster. Energy interaction with the built environment has been optimised, as well.. New bio-chemical activities will get their place in the existing petrochemical cluster, and circular activities will become part of the existing infrastructure and logistic processes.


Smart Logistics

This roadmap has to make the Rotterdam port area best in class in the fields of sustainable, reliable and efficient supply chains, and a hub in the global logistic networks. Growth will occur through ‘port shift’ (e.g. achieving additional market share) and global growth; all this by making a substantial step forwards. In this matter, shifting flows of goods worldwide, together with the distinguishing capacity of Rotterdam are of importance. The container market provides the largest potential growth, but shows the fiercest competition with other ports at the same time. This is the reason as to why this market should be in focus.


World Port City

The roadmap World Port City is designed to give an answer to the question in what way municipalities within the port area can contribute best. In their capacity of facilitator, they are able to make the city more attractive to service providers in the maritime businesses sectors. In other words; the ultimate goal is to gain knowledge, supporting municipalities to create the base for the World Port City. This roadmap should contribute directly to municipal policy onto the year 2030.


Smartest Port

The roadmap Smartest Port consists of a dual, overarching goal: to develop the port area to become the ‘Global Hub’ and ‘Europe’s Industrial Cluster’ in a vital and future-proof environment. The Port of Rotterdam Authority will take up a specific role in this scheme, as booster of an overall strategy. Studies should contribute directly to the development of new business plans for the Port of Rotterdam Authority for the period onto 2030, the associated business model included.